Wednesday Snippets – furniture edition

We are now two-thirds of the way through the Saab dealer listing for the future Saab Cars North America, with 93 down and 44 to go as at the time of writing.
I’m trying to put together a list of all 218 dealers so that I can figure who’s as-yet unaccounted for. I know there’s a good few in Colorado we’ve not counted yet, for example.
As always, your help on the ground there in the US is much appreciated, and thanks to all the dealers who have chimed in, as well.
I’m quite sure that the decision on who to cut and who to keep has come from Koenigsegg/Saab, under advisement from Saab Cars North America. This isn’t a GM thing.

Mike Colleran, chief operating officer of Saab Cars North America, said that may be a possibility but it hasn’t been discussed by company officials. He said the decision not to bring all 218 dealerships on board if a sale is finalized was difficult but was the best one based on the company’s “business plan.”
“We wanted dealers that in the end can make money,” Colleran said. “We came out with the 137 stores that we needed.” He said non-subjective standards were used to determine which dealers would be asked to remain with Saab.

That’s from the story about Kunkle Saab.
Those of you looking for something Saaby to mark on your calendars…..
The Midnight Sun Rally will pass through Trollhattan on July 15 next year. The Saabs United Historic Rally Team will be there. Look for us up near the front of our class πŸ™‚
Robin M is already busy organising Swedish Day UK for next year, too. It’ll be on Sunday the 9th May.
Nick Taliaferro from has a blog, just in case you didn’t know. You can get loads of hi-po information there.
Whilst decidedly not hi-po on this occasion, I did note that he’s been busy crafting some groovy Saab furniture πŸ™‚
I have a basketball trophy made in a similar manner. I was working for Deloitte at the time so we were nicknamed the Deloitte Pistons.
Anyone else got some Saab-inspired furnishings in their home?
Things looking very autumnal in New England. Thanks Sumit.
JMK Saab in Springfield New Jersey have just added a new-old Saab to their corporate fleet πŸ™‚
Plenty of photos on their homepage.
I really would love to drive a Sonett one day. It’ll happen.

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