Wednesday snippets – too slick edition

I know Saab do their own demographic studies, but they could do worse than tune in to David Kiley’s twitter account today.
Kiley’s a branding guy who writes freelance and you may have seen his work in Business Week. He’s been at “BMW University” today and twittered all through the day’s proceedings. Considering the K-Segg people think this is the market for Saab, it’d possibly make interesting, if short, reading for them.
The disparities in automotive journalism, as picked up by Ken H.
CAR Magazine on the Peugeot 5008 (no link, but scan sent with email):

While the 5008 is based on the 3008 Qashqai-rival, it doesn’t drive as well. It’s more nose-heavy and understeers more readily, and the light steering is annoyingly eager to self-centre. Blame the far softer suspension set-up which slackens off the 3008’s superior body control and handling. The 5008 rides like your favourite armchair – but goes round corners equally as well.

Channel4 on the Peugeot 5008:

Peugeot used the 3008 as a starting point, but lowered the ride-height by 20mm. To accommodate the third row of seats the firm’s clever anti-roll technology could no longer fit, so to rein in body lean stiffer springs were fitted. The result is perhaps obvious; the 5008 has noticeably better body control and is more adept at hard cornering than its French cousin, but there is an unfortunate payoff. We drove cars equipped with 17″ wheels and although there’s plenty of grip on turn-in the cosseting ride has disappeared, making the 5008 far busier over rough roads.

As Ken asked in his email to me – could they have possibly driven the same model car??
….and as Ken also noted, all these guys will soon drive the new 9-5.
Saab owners behaving badly…….

Kent Phillips may have saved a few bucks on an oil change when he bought several quarts at Sears so he could do the job himself.Those savings may be short lived after police say he was caught draining his old oil directly into a storm drain in the Jefferson Valley Mall parking lot at 1 p.m. Monday.

Not only did he cop a misdemeanour charge, he may also have to cough up for the enviromental recovery bill, which could be up to $5K.
David emailed me this link to a Saab for sale on Ebay, notable to me for the paint/interior combination.
My first ever turbocharged Saab was a 99T in exactly the same color combination.
And I loved it.

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