What if: can cars and phones get closer together?

Two of the biggest movers and shakers behind the Koenigsegg Group are Augie Fabela and his Vimpelcom partner Dmitry Zimin.
They came together in the formation of a Russian phone company and whilst they’re considered to be the money-men behind this deal, what if they saw opportunities for their old business to converge a little closer with their new one?
Telecommunications are going to be embedded in just about everything in the future. You can already get internet refrigerators. The humble mobile phone has come a long way since the brick days of the 1980s. There’s even talk of nanothingies being embedded in clothing in the future.
Cars, computers and communications are already crossing each other’s borders. But how far can it go and with Saab’s new owners in place, can they be a leader.
Futurists – dream on.
Late addendum (I had to run off and didn’t get time to write this)
Stepping back a bit…..
What if there can be much greater synergies realised in the whole car shopping and customer communication experience?
Companies are able to reach customers through the internet already, but what if there were a much more integrated experience possible? I’ve talked about better use of the web for a long time now and there’s plenty that Saab can do to improve their level of engagement via modern communications.
Maybe this is an avenue that our new owners, experienced as they are with telecommunications, can explore?
But what’s possible?

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