A few more Jan-Ake photos from this morning

The following was published in Swedish in the Saab internal newsletter today. My thanks to Djup Strupe for the translated copy.


Lots of people at Saab have in different ways expressed their feelings, and wanted to thank Jan Åke Jonsson for the hard work and the commitment he has put in to the task to turn Saab into a independent company.

When the darkness dispersed at 08:15 in the morning and Jan Åke Jonsson was on the way to Trollhättan after his visit in Detroit, hundreds of employees were waiting in front of the headquarters to show their appreciation.

Strained by expectation, we wondered how Jan Åke would react to the huge welcoming who rallied outside his office. When he arrived in his SportCombi, the road was lined with people. Jan Åke drove slowly in, saw somewhat surprised, parked the car and got out.

A powerful, resounding applause met Jan Åke as he stepped out of the car. Several of us stood there with tears in our eyes, touched by the moment and this rather spontaneous tribute to our leader in this difficult time. A number of employees then went one by one and handed a rose to him. This commitment must be said to be a reflection of our Saab spirit.

“Thank you! I had not expected this, but it is warming, “said a somewhat surprised Jan Åke Jonsson.

“It’s been a busy year and there are many who have committed themselves to the utmost for us to make this real, my management team and all around the company. Now we must continue with the pedal to the metal in the same spirit, the coming weeks, “adds Jan Åke Jonsson.

Some of us were wearing old Saab caps with the Saab logo, and one was quickly given also to Jan Åke when he parked his car.


Some extra photos with thanks to my mates over at AMS

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mycket folk_ihopklipp copy.jpg

rosor_008 copy.jpg

rosor_009 copy.jpg

rosor_011 copy.jpg

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