A letter to Saab dealers

The source of this one shall remain nameless…..


Dec 11th 2009

Dear Saab Automobile USA Dealer,

It is probably an understatement if I say that the last few weeks have been challenging. The exit from the sale process by the Koenigsegg Group was a big surprise to all of us. In particular, given the good progress that was made during months of intense negotiations. That is now history and we need to, with great speed; attempt to secure our future through another buyer.

The decision by the GM Board was the best that we could have hoped for. As a consequence, we are now in intense negotiations with potential candidates with an ability and willingness to become our new owner. All parties, including the Swedish government, are now very focused on running not only in the same direction but, more importantly, with even greater speed. Before the end of the year, we have to identify a new owner for Saab, but also be very close to finalizing the deal. The good news is that a lot of work needed to close a sale has already been done through the previous negotiations.

I understand it is not completely ‘business as usual’ but I wanted you to know that limited production is running and the development of the new 9-5 continues. About two weeks ago, the first 2010 9-5 came off the line in Trollhättan with a very high quality level.

We know that we will have a decision very soon and I appreciate your continued loyalty and commitment as that is what provides the basis for the start of a new Saab.

Thank you.

Saab Automobile AB

Jan Åke Jonsson
Managing Director


Some may wonder about the 9-5 reference there. Whilst the first 9-5’s have come off the line, we’ve previously reported that these are basically evaluation models, to be used internally. I believe the feedback from these is used to tweak the production process where required.

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