An apology

I’ve had some poor penmanship brought to my attention, something that I need to rectify here.

Last night in an entry on the site, I included a sentence that read as follows:

Another great piece of my work by Pär Brandt.

This line was meant to say:

Another great piece of work by Pär Brandt.

That original sentence stayed on site, unedited, for around 16 hours. I understand that some may have read that and figured that I was accusing Pär Brandt of copying my work.

This is not the case at all.

The sentence that was originally published was an error on my part and in no way reflects the total respect I have for Pär Brandt as an individual and Auto Motor and Sport as a magazine. I count Pär Brandt as a personal friend and know him to be a true professional whose integrity is beyond question.

I’m extremely embarassed about what I wrote and I apologise unreservedly.

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