Ask GM to sell Saab, rather than kill it.

Off-topic update: Saabs United on CNN
Off-topic update 2: Just did an interview with BBC world. It should be online in a few hours.
If you haven’t emailed Ed Whitacre yet as per the request below, please do consider it. Also, please send the request to your Saab Club, forum, dealership, postman, etc.

UPDATE 3: This came in this morning from Djup Strupe:

Another undisclosed group submitted a proposal days ago, together with management, to acquire Saab. This group completed its due diligence review months ago, was a finalist when Koenigsegg was selected and is in regular contact with the government. They have joined together with a Swedish consortium and have offered to move quickly to close.

As has been confirmed in comments, the above Djup Strupe information involves Merbanco coming together with the Swedish consortium I wrote about a few weeks ago.

CJ replied to comment from 74stingray | December 21, 2009 10:08 AM | Reply
If the mix is what you hope for us, then in the mix we shall be! We also like our new dual Swedish partners. Stronger every day!
Cowboy Up!

GM are receiving multiple offers for Saab.
This campaign below is to make sure they consider ALL offers seriously.
Today is a very important day in the life of Saab. I know that it feels like Saab have been on their last breath for some time now, but there is hope remaining for our favourite car company.
Whilst General Motors stated that they would commence an orderly wind-down of Saab Automobile in January 2010, they also stated that a suitable offer from a suitable buyer would be looked at.
They have received just such an offer today.
General Motors have received a new offer from Spyker for the sale of Saab Automobile. Spyker have structured their new offer in such a way so as to remove all of the the complexities that made their initial offer difficult to close.
In short, if General Motors are serious about selling Saab, this is their time to act.
How you can play a part:
We have one chance only to put across our point of view as Saab owners and enthusiasts. Saab have a business plan, new vehicles and an efficient factory to produce them. They have a passionate base of supporters and the right cars to win new customers to the brand.
The time is now.
The email address for Ed Whitacre, the Chairman and CEO of GM is

[email protected]

If you care about the future of Saab then I invite you to write a brief, polite and passionate message to Mr Whitacre, outlining why you think Saab should be sold, rather than closed.
I can’t emphasise this enough: make your message passionate, but polite. A passionate message that clearly states a point of view will be read and considered. An angry message will only find its way into the trash.
My message:

Mr Whitacre,
I am writing to you as a Saab enthusiast and customer in the hope that you will give full consideration to new offers received this weekend for the sale of Saab Automobile.
Saab have new vehicles on the verge of being released, they have an excellent management team, an award-winning efficient factory and they have a passionate worldwide following that want to see them continue as a viable company.
Saab have always made engaging, safe, practical, utilitarian vehicles that customers connect with like few others on the road. I submit to you that if a viable offer has been received by GM that can allow Saab to continue to do this, then that offer should be considered very seriously.
I thank you for your time and consideration of this matter.
Steven Wade

Once again, the time is now.

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