Bard Eker appears on Norwegian Swedish TV

An interview with Bard Eker has just been shown on Swedish television program Skavlan. You can see the interview here (in some freaking language I don’t understand). Naturally, the conversation turned to Saab at one point.
Peter has been kind enough to provide a translation of one particular exchange (and thanks to several others who emailed me about it, too)
BarDekerSkevlan.jpg – Is there a (measuring with fingers) tiny chance that you will try again? Saab is not sold yet…
Eker – (smiling) Let’s see… maybe.
*cheering crowd*
Eker – Honestly, we haven’t been thinking about it, but we’ll see. Maybe there is a chance, maybe we will get a phonecall.
– So it really isn’t sure that you will not be trying to take the chance again?
Eker – Ehh… (laughing)… how long time is it left of the show? Could I use the phone? (more laughing from Eker, and sheering from the audience)
It’s interesting now that the Koenigsegg deal has fallen over that the Swedish government now appear to be pulling out all the stops to try and help with a Saab sale.
Maud Olofsson herself met with EU representatives today to press home the urgency of getting a final decision from them quickly on the satisfactory nature of the loan guarantees offered by the Swedes (this is a necessary part of the EIB loan process).
If Maud had done that three weeks ago, perhaps we wouldn’t be in the position we’re in now.
I retain my hope that Koenigsegg Group can come back to the table.

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