BREAKING NEWS: Spyker softens on deadline

UPDATE: GM had a conference call with US dealers early this afternoon, which was supposed to be about the wind-up process. Instead, they told dealers that negotiations were ongoing, and that they’d get back to them when there was something tell……
The New York Times is reporting that Spyker has admitted that their offer will stand even after the supposed deadline passes at 5:00 pm Eastern US time (2200 GMT) about three hours from now.
Read the entire clip here.
Apparently the reason that the deadline was lifted is because GM responded with some sort of answer, that according to this report in the Swedish Wire.

Victor Muller, Spyker Cars NV chief executive officer, told Bloomberg that General Motors has responded to the revised bid.

“There’s a dialogue ongoing,” Muller said. “It’s very hard to predict the outcome, particularly since GM in principle has taken a decision to shut Saab down.”

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