Carpages test the Saab 9-3x

As I’ve said a few times already, if I was buying a Saab right now, any Saab, it would be the Saab 9-3x. A 2.0T automatic in Laser Red, thanks. Yes, an automatic.
But I’m not buying a Saab right now. Our 9000 had a service today, including a replacement drive belt and is now running like a charm once again.
So until we do need to buy a new Saab, I’ll just have to content myself with excellent reviews like this one – of the 9-3x, of course. The review is at Carpages, from the UK. You can hit that link yourself to read the full article, but here’s a few golden quotes, and then another of my favourite pics from the test drive with Dave R in Sweden.

Saab 9-3xAsked to name a 4×4 estate car, and chances are that the Subaru Forester, the Volvo XC70 or perhaps an Audi or two were amongst those on the list. But there is another to be considered – the Saab 9-3X……
It has to be said that the 2.0T Saab 9-3X is equally impressive in its performance and its handling. The acceleration is linear and the super smooth, just like the suspension. The car has a comfortingly substantial, weighty feel to it and remains totally unflustered on country roads and just as composed on motorways.
Unfortunately for choosers, it is a fact that there are many so-called crossovers on the market. They all have their merits and take various forms as the definition of the label is pushed and pulled to allow for new models. However, the Saab 9-3X offers superbly delivered performance; it is traditional but stylish in its design and very capable. In short, it is one that should not be overlooked.

Saab 9-3x

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