Cheeky – and keep the 17th January free for the Saab Support Convoy.

Those fun lads at the Saab Club Nederlands are getting increasingly cheeky with their site banners.



One other thing they’re doing, when they’re not designing cheeky banners, is planning a car run on the 17th January Next year.

It’s called the Saab Support Convoy.

There are currently over 230 people signed up for this Dutch drive and I believe they’re possibly meeting up with Belgian Saabers and others along the way.


The Saab Turbo Club of Sweden has joined the fray and are planning a drive the same day in support of Saab. More information can be found here at their website.

In short, they plan to gather at 11.00 o’clock at the Saab Car Museum in Trollhättan. At around 13.00/13.30 they will form a big Saab Convoy through the town of Trollhättan out
to the Saab development and assembly plant, arriving at 14.00.

Hopefully the local media will be there.


The big question is – can other Saab Clubs and owners join in and arrange Saab Support Convoys in their own area?

Can we get a bunch of local news outlets to cover this as a global event?

I think it’d be a great idea. With a January 7 date being mentioned as a date for final bids from buyers for the company, it might also be a good chance to celebrate.

Thoughts in comments.

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