Current Saab buyers the tip of the iceberg with regard to number of Saab fans.

I know this is short lived, but it’s just another indicator to General Motors that the Saab community and the interest in Saab is much bigger than what they think.
From Popular Mechanics

At one point on December 21, three days after GM announced it was planning to wind down the brand, “Saab” was in the top six Internet searches in Yahoo! If the Swedish car brand could have achieved that kind of curiosity in life, rather than it coming after the seeming death sentence handed out to the company by General Motors this week, we might not be looking at the business equivalent of a toe-tag hanging on Saab’s front bumper.

If GM thought that shutting Saab would slip under the radar, then they miscalculated in a big way. The spotlight is on and this story will linger in a big way.
There are a lot of people that have extremely fond memories connected with Saab. They might be older generations who saw Carlsson will rallies in a little two-stroker that shouldn’t have been able to win a Main St traffic light derby. They might be the kids of those older folks, who grew up riding in the back seat of a 96.
Whoever you are, chances are you’ve got some fond memory of when you encountered a Saab and the fact that it was unique enough to make an impression on you.
So all those people are going to be having very negative thoughts and feelings about a gigantic corporate overlord shutting down a little brand from a foreign land that they don’t see as profitable – especially after they read the stories about how Saab has been treated in that time.
And those stories will come. Journalists started writing them in premature obituaries last week.
GM – you have two options. Sell Saab or close Saab. One is much better than the other – from a PR perspective, an ethical perspective and most likely from a business perspective, too (otherwise, why would they even consider it).
A government had the good grace to smile upon you earlier this year. Pay it forward.

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