D-Day Snippets – O how I hate waiting edition

I can’t remember a day when I was more anxious than I am today.
The Swedish newspapers seem to be editorialising things differently. Everyone’s got their different read on things.
Here’s a few of the readings so far, with thanks to those who have left links in comments.
DI.se are still carrying reports based on last night’s meeting with GM’s top people. The emphasis with them seems to be Hagglund’s distance between the government and GM. It’s their process, not ours, yada yada yada.
Nothing new there.

Aftonbladet’s Robert Collin has penned a very good editorial on the somewhat limp nature of the Swedish government’s response to this situation. Sending Joran Hagglund is better than nothing, but the Minister responsible is Maud Olofsson and in past times, the Prime Minister might have been attending to these affairs, much like Germany’s Angela Merkel did.
Very good points, and if the news is not as we’d like it to be tomorrow, the governmnt is going to have a heck of a lot to answer for. That’ll be up to the Swedish people, of course.

TTELA manage to squeak out a little bit of hope due to the fact that Jan-Ake Jonsson isn’t due back in Sweden until Wednesday evening. Theoretically, that would give him time to have some meetings with potential new owners or GM types.
We live in hope.

And interesting Googled snippet from Auto Motor and Sport

In a feature of SVT’s Agenda Joran Hagglund said that it is in place in Detroit to find out about the new owners who made himself known after Koenigsegg Group unexpectedly quit. Joran Hagglund did not disclose any names of the new stakeholders. After Koenigsegg Group pulled out – they had put an absolute “deadline” for their purchase to 30 November – Government received much criticism for not working fast enough and focused with Saab affair. The presence in Detroit may be a sign that it has taken for himself the criticism but the question is of course the mandate of the group received the Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, who until now mostly made himself known to speak about the car industry needs to reduce its excess capacity.

I’m telling you – Koenigsegg got skewered.

It’s just whole big bowl of nervous anxiety right now.
Here’s something that might bring a smile. it’s from a site called worth1000.com where they have photoshop contests every now and then.
This one appeared in a contest called “Future Retro” or something to that effect.
With thanks to Hans.

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