Detnews writes praiseworthy Saab article (finally)

This one is strange.
It does have the words “perennial loss maker” in it, but like here, they’re in quotation marks rather than as a judgment. This could be the first US-published article about Saab in a long time that looks at the whole picture.
The big question is – why did it take so long?
You can read the Detroit News article here.
Whilst it’s US-published, the article is written by Neil Winton, a writer for the DetNews based in England.
Finally, someone looks at what we know of Saab’s business model and concedes that it has merit. Finally, someone indicates that Koenigsegg had some great technology to contribute and that the deal had some merit. Finally, someone looks at Saab’s coming model range and indicates that sales could rise reasonably quickly.
This is all stuff that’s been reported on Saab sites for ages.
What’s happened is that finally, someone in the mainstream motoring press has taken the time to really look at what’s going on with Saab and write about it, rather than parrot-fashion regurgitation of a news clip from Reuters.
It’s not all rosy, but it’s realistic and it looks at the facts as we know them.
Congratulations to Mr Winton and I hope some of the other mainstream press offices in the US can follow your lead.
On another note, I’ve been a little disappointed by some of the larger motoring blogs not covering the campaign.
I sent an email directly to one of Autoblog’s writers rather than using the tips page, and still there’s nothing.
The blogs were little guys once, too, and I’d have thought that a story of fans rallying to help a beloved brand would have been of interest to them and their readers. This is the heart of motoring fandom, yet it’s not worthy of coverage by them?
The only question I can think of is whether or not their invitations to GM events would stop flowing if they published it. Maybe a dent in their ad revenue?
My thanks go to the sites that have covered the campaign.

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