Detroit News remembers Jan-Willem Vester

Jan-Willem Vester Daniel Howes from The Detroit News has posted a moving obituary for SaabUSA’s former PR chief, Jan-Willem Vester, who passed away earlier this week from a brain-related cancer.

……he once was the young Dutch boy who wandered his neighborhood back home in the early ’70s ogling Saabs while his buddies lusted for the more popular BMWs and Alfas. He found his own way, charted his own course, followed a personal muse — in cars, in career choices, in the family he built with his wife, Mariska, and even in the music he loved.

It’s essential reading for any who knew Jan-Willem, or any who just want to know a little more about this wonderful ambassador for Saab.
For Michiganders who knew Jan-Willem, details of remembrances being held are also included in the article.

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