Djup Strupe: BAIC still hanging around in Trollhattan

And I wasn’t supposed to do any more writing for another 24 hours……pffft
As regulars here will already know, Djup Strupe is a multi-headed monster of inside information and with things going haywire at Saab right now, there’s plenty to see.
I’ve just received another piece of Djup Strupery and it’s most interesting in the light of recent comments made by Wang Zadong, the head of BAIC.
It’s public knowledge that BAIC intended to be a minority shareholder in the Koenigsegg Group, having pledged to take what could have been up to a 20% stake in the new ownership group when it got established. A few weeks ago we learned that part of that deal included the possible transfer of the outgoing Saab 9-5 and the Saab 9-3 (pre-2006) to BAIC for manufacture in China, for the Chinese market.
It should be no surprise, then, that people from BAIC have been in Trollhattan preparing for this transfer.
What’s interesting now, however, is that since the Koenigsegg Group pulled out of the Saab deal, the people from BAIC have still been seen by Djup Strupe, working intensely in Sweden with regards to these models.
It’s considered likely from Djup Strupe’s observations and perspective that BAIC are still working directly with Saab on this transfer, which theoretically could give Saab a funding boost to help with extending the time they’ll have available before needing to transfer to a new ownership group.
This would seem to fit with Zadong’s comments.
They don’t need a factory. They don’t need more robots. Figure it out.
My take from Djup Strupe’s observations: What they’ve been after is models for expansion both domestically and internationally. They can read the writing on the wall and know they’re probably not going to get new technology from General Motors in the form of a full Saab acquisition, but they at least want to secure the semi-modern technology that was until so recently within their grasp.
Late mail.
I also have it on good authority that the Merbanco group from Wyoming “would be pleased to chat” with Mr. Fabela and Koenigsegg if they get hold of Saab.
I gotta get some sleep….

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