Fritz Henderson didn’t want to kill Saab?

Here’s an interesting correction from the Wall Street Journal:

Former General Motors Co. Chief Executive Frederick “Fritz” Henderson last week suggested that the company’s board wait 30 days before making a final decision on Saab’s fate. A Dec. 2 front-page article on Mr. Henderson’s resignation incorrectly said he went into a board meeting ready to let Saab die and that directors took a different route.

It’s been a commonly held assumption that this was the case – that Fritz Henderson was prepared to let Saab die back on December 1. People have assumed that the GM board disagreed and this was yet another clash between Henderson and his new boss, and added to some dissatisfaction over the failed Opel sale and other things, the board asked for his resignation.
This correction from the WSJ throws a different light on things. It seems all parties were in agreement on keeping Saab alive until December 31.
I don’t think it really changes anything, but it’s good to be clear on who said what.

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