GM continues with wind-down, Spyker bid will take a while

UPDATE: Thanks to those who (rightly) raised questions about this report in comments. After re-reading the Economic Times piece, it specifically mentions Wednesday meeting and “renewed” bid. I’ll run it for now, please corroborate or deny if you can. Denied!
OK, so for now, let’s say that this article from Economic Times at least has misleading wording, and I’ll leave it at that.
Please proceed with caution.
I believe that we’ve already debunked this one, so let’s move on.
In related news, Dutch Billionaire John de Mol is not involved with the Spyker bid according to Reuters.
Finally, some better news from a reliable news source, Forbes.
They indicate that as of Thursday (today here in the US and Europe), Spyker and GM are still talking. However, they indicate that this will take a while — perhaps months. That’s what it should take, frankly.
Whew. Sorry for the Saab histrionics, folks, I lost my head for a minute! Carry on.

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