Happy New Year!

It’s 9.00pm on New Years Eve as I write this. I haven’t checked the news. I’m too hot to care. It’s a stinker today.
I do, however, want to take a moment to recognise the year’s end and wish everyone a safe evening and a very prosperous and Saaby 2010.
This year has been one amazing ride. I haven’t seen anything like it, but then again I’ve never covered the sale of anything so closely. It’s been exciting, emotional, infuriating, frustrating and everything in between.
On a personal level, I’ve got to meet a range of people I never thought I’d meet and do a range of things I never thought I’d do. Every one of those contacts has been precious, from the Sonett owner in England to the prospective customer in Germany to the supercar builder in Sweden. Everyone of you have made 2009 an incredible tapestry.
Aside from all the Saab news, I managed to mark the year with the purchase of my 9-3 Monte Carlo back in January and my resto-project 99Turbo in October. It’s been a red-letter year for Eggs, too, with the purchase of his beloved 900 Convertible.
On a personal note, there’s also a few other people I need to thank.
One bloke in the UK has been a great support again this year. You know who you are and you know that your support is greatly appreciated.
There is also an unofficial Saabs United board, who give great support and counsel when needed as well as a great many laughs. PT, Turbin, Kroum and None – thanks very much, lads.
I need to express my gratitude to my co-pilot, Eggs n Grits, who has been a rock of solid support, wisdom and verbiage once again this year. Thanks again, big fella. You’ve been a champ.
This year also saw the passing of some Saab legends in Pat Moss (Saab rally driving queen, wife of Erik Carlsson and sister to Sir Sterling Moss), the venerable former Saab USA chief and father of the Saab Convertible, Bob Sinclair and of course the much-too-young eternal gentleman, Jan-Willem Vester (former Saab USA communications guru).
Their contribution to the Saab world was massive and they are all truly missed.
Of course, the continuity of this site is aided with the tremendous support provided by our site sponsors:

Thankyou all for your continued support in 2009.
There is a lot to look forward to in 2010.
I’m convinced that Saab will get a new owner. We’ll all have a party somewhere, and then those good people in Trollhattan will start making Saab 9-5s, convertibles and other vehicles for people to buy again.
Of course, the biggest thankyou must go to you – the people who visit here and make some incredible contributions with your thoughts, your news tips, translations and the ongoing work of keeping me honest and on track.
A bunch of words to read is something, but they only go so far and it’s your willingness to chip in do what you do that makes Saabs United a community within the wider Saab community.
I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 2010.
Griffin Up!!!

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