Have your say – Will you buy from GM if they kill Saab?

Christmas is coming, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the campaign to keep GM focused on Saab takes a break.
GM must sell Saab, and they must know that failure to negotiate a suitable deal for Saab will have an adverse effect on their customers and their public image.
Thousands of Swedes and others around the world will lose their jobs, and an iconic brand, so neglected for so many years, will come to an unnecessary end.
This is your chance to tell GM how their decision will effect your future purchasing decisions.
Whilst we’re all Saab people, some may consider other brands for second vehicles in their homes. Others may not own Saabs any more, but are sympathetic to Saab because of past experiences.
If GM want to be in the frame for all of us, I think they should do the right thing by Saab.
Go to iwontbuyfromgm.com and tell GM whether or not you’re likely to be a future customer.
Tell everyone you know to do the same, if they’re willing. There’s a Facebook link on the site, which I encourage you to use, too.
We need to keep GM in the spotlight.

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