Is Marcel Boekhoorn Spyker’s new investor?

The Dutch media has been busy reporting that Marcel Boekhoorn is the new investor in the Spyker bid, replacing the Convers Group and presumably removing one of the concerns that tripped up the Spyker bid last week.
From Telegraaf:

Boekhoorn Part of Spyker bid for Saab
AMSTERDAM — The wealthy investor Marcel Boekhoorn is involved in the revised bid from unprofitable car maker Spyker at the Swedish Saab. This report different stakeholders in this newspaper.
The entrepreneur, for years Spyker shareholder, according to insiders acts as advisor to Muller in the bidding process and would also intend to participate if the takeover succeeds. Boekhoorn himself denies his role: “All not true. It is invented.”

They say he’s in.
He says he’s not.
Personally, I think the only thing that matters is that Spyker would have to choose a new investor wisely. If Convers Group being part of the group was a point of concern, then the only thing that really matters is that they invite a new investor who won’t be a point of concern.
I’m quite sure they’d know this and choose/invite wisely. The fact that they’re so keen on the acquisition indicates to me that they have done so.
Just in case he is the guy and is playing possum with the media, here’s a very brief profile as per Wikipedia:
Marcel Boekhoorn (born 30 October 1959, Nijmegen, Netherlands) is a Dutch billionaire investor with a wide array of business interests. Mr Boekhoorn’s estimated current net worth stands at 1,5 billion USD, making him one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Boekhoorn, a CPA by training, founded his investment vehicle Ramphastos Investments in 1994. Over the course of the ensuing years Boekhoorn successfully acquired and sold numerous companies.
Go to Wikipedia for more.
Interestingly, they list Telegraaf, the newspaper that reported his involvement (and denial) as a company he is an investor in.

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