iwontbuyfromgm.com update #2

I’ve been out this evening (20/20 cricket) and only recently got back and caught up. Lots of news tonight, so posts will be coming thick and fast.

Many of the links are already in comments, but they need to be front-page as well.


The first bit of good news is that the iwontbuyfromgm.com website has now crossed the 4,000 comment mark.

The even better news is that the press release is now being picked up by news services, the first of note being the Oakland Press. This is significant as it’s right under GM’s nose in Detroit. Oakland was going to be the new home of Saab Cars North America (and may still be).


The bad news is that with this story out there, it’s possibly going to bring in a few people who’ll basically be coming along for a fight. They’ll be trolling. We’ve already had our first one leave a couple of comments earlier today.

Let these people be. I’ll be policing comments pretty hard over the next few days just to combat this. Today’s troll got through because I’m pretty sure I know who he is (you’re an established web user at a popular GM site and should know better) and I want to deal with what he said in a future post – in a respectful way.

Newbie trolls will not be trollerated (yes, it’s a new word I just made up). Don’t feed them, just leave them be and I’ll delete their stuff as it comes. I have no time for people who aren’t part of this community and just turn up with the purpose of upsetting people.


GM – The spotlight is on.

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