iwontbuyfromgm.com update

Hi all,
We are now at 2,400 comments on the actual iwontbuyfromgm.com website and there are also 1,000+ members of the Facebook group, too.
Some of these overlap, of course, but I think we can say we’ve realistically engaged 3,000 people in just three days at this point. Twitter has also been fired up and hopefully people are re-tweeting and signing up as we speak (thanks AlAero).
My thanks to all those who have participated. 3,000 people in three days, with one of those days being Christmas Day, is a fantastic achievement.

The purpose of this campaign is to let GM know that people are watching what happens here. If they wish to keep these people as even prospective customers, they should do the right thing and sell Saab rather than close it down. The 3,000 we’ve reached is a small number, but the number that reads the press coverage will be much larger.

The campaign isn’t over, though. We don’t have the luxury of resting on our laurels. The decision comes in days, not weeks, so the news about the campaign has to come out before then.
I’ve written a press release, which I’ll update with the latest numbers some time tomorrow prior to sending off.
In case you’ve missed it, the campaign has already attracted some media attention, with Auto Motor and Sport giving it some space a few days ago.
Please continue to spread the message. Let’s see how far a final push can increase our participation rate. The more the merrier!
Hopefully we can get past this business stuff soon and concentrate on Saabs, and the new owner.

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