JAJ and Hagglund: There is still hope

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From Aftonbladet’s guy on the scene.
Via Googletrans.
“Cautiously positive”
Swedish delegation has been meeting with GM’s board of directors
Late on Monday evening, GM’s board met with a Swedish delegation, led by Secretary of State Joran Hagglund.
The mission was to save Saab.
– “There is still hope” said Joran Hagglund to Aftonbladet after the meeting.
When the Swedish delegation came out after the meeting with the General Motors board, it was difficult to determine how the meeting proceeded.
– But they express themselves cautiously positive, “said Per Bjurman, Aftonbladet’s correspondent on the spot at GM’s headquarters in the Renaissance Center, Detroit.
Hope of survival
Secretary of State Joran Hagglund, head of automotive issues on the Ministry of Industry, would not say whether the board seems to lean one way or the other.
– But hope is not out (meaning extinguished, I think, SW) there, “he told Aftonbladet.
Saab’s CEO Jan Ake Jonsson, is on the same wavelength.
“There is still hope that Saab will survive,” said Jonsson.
Determined during the Board meeting
Now Saab’s fate is once again at GM and its 13 persons large board, led by Chairman Edward Whitacre.
Their board meeting starts at night, Swedish time, and continues tomorrow.
– We still have not received any notice of Saab matter be put on the table tonight or tomorrow,” said Per Bjurman.
GM’s press officer says that GM will not have a press conference in conjunction with the Board. Notifications will be provided via a press release.
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From Dagens Nheyter via Googletrans so some may be lost in translation:
GM is actively looking for new owners, revealing Saab’s CEO Jan Ake Jonsson, immediately after his and the Swedish government representatives’ meeting in GM’s headquarters in Detroit.
– Absolutely, absolutely! We were all taken by surprise when Koenigsegg dropped out last week. But both I as the government and GM are working very hard to find an alternative, a quick solution.
Jonsson would not comment on what he believes GM’s board will make the decision, but he is confident that a decision will be on Tuesday.
– Now we are satisfied that all have the same information, that all the facts are on the table. Then we’ll see what proposals GM’s board presents,” he told TT in Detroit.
– Hope is not looking for Saab, just as there was out last week, says Joran Hagglund, State Secretary at the Ministry of Industry, to TT.
He was pleased with the meeting of GM’s board, but did not reveal whether he was more or less optimistic after the meeting than before.
– We have had good conversations. It was a very good mood. Now we see how far it is enough. It is GM, which owns Saab, and it is GM, which owns the process.
Hagglund described GM’s board members as “responsive”.
– We have carefully outlined what we have, the Swedish toolbox,” he says, and aimed primarily at loan guarantees and publicly funded programs for vehicle research in Sweden.
– We are working intensively to find a solution. But what GM’s board may believe you [will have to] ask them.

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