Jan-Ake Jonsson greeted at the gate

UPDATED – with video!
Jan-Ake Jonsson had a little present waiting for him at the gate to the Saab facility in Trollhattan today, his first morning back since his trip to Detroit.

This morning, Saab’s managing director Jan-Ake Jonsson [came] back to work – and got a real surprise. Several hundred members of staff had gathered at the main gate to pay tribute to him.
– Thank you. Here we go hard,” said a noticeably touched Jonsson before he went into the building.

I’m sure the text for “Here we go hard” has been lost in translation, but somehow it’s also perfect.
And in comments to the TTELA article…..

I was there and can only say that it was a magical moment. Whatever happens [this] shows that the Saab spirit is [still here] and I am privileged to have experienced.

We’ve been saying it all year. The guy is a legend.

Jan-Ake Jonsson

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