Join the SU Google Map!

I’m not even sure who created this – there have been 3,500 comments here in the last 5 days – but I’m very thankful for it and I heartily invite you to add you and your car to the Saabs United Google Map.
We did have another map service a few years ago, but I think this one might be a tad more reliable.
Click to enlarge.
So how do you get yourself onto this map?
First of all, you need to click here to get to the map.
Next, you need to login using your Google Account login. If you don’t have one, you can create one while you’re there.
Once you’re logged in, zoom in to find your location on the map, so you can place your pin there.
In the top left hand corner of the map screen, you can see a series of three buttons. One of them is a button for a placemarker. Click on that placemarker button and drag it to your location.
Once you’ve marked your location, you can then write in your name and some details about your car. If you’ve got a URL for an image, you can place that URL in an image field and put a photo with your marker as well.
It’s pretty easy to use, and a good indicator of how global and wide reaching the Saab community is.
My sincere thanks to the guys who organised this map. Great stuff!

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