Maud Olofsson arrives in Trollhattan


I’ve received a few holiday snaps of Maud Olofsson’s vacation in Trollhattan today. Here’s hoping she has a wonderful time there and leaves full of joy and optimism 🙂

It’s my understanding that after a morning full of meetings and lunch with various representatives that Mrs Olofsson will be holding a press conference at 2pm local time.






I’m not sure what’s been said at the press conference with Maud olofsson, but there’s some good news out of TTELA, with the government appointing Joran Hagglund as their “Saab Czar”

The Googletrans:

A good discussion in which the government showed more desire. I think IF Metall Paul Akerlund on meeting Saab unions had with government representatives in Trollhättan, Sweden on Tuesday.

The compartments were including the promise of a contact person within the government.

IF Metall Club chairman Paul Akerlund was satisfied after around an hour long meeting, he and three other club chairmen had with the ministers.

– I felt that we had a good, hearty debate where the government showed a better, more positive attitude than before, “he says.

– The government now says it will contribute in every way to find a solution to this. It is a good message.

Concerns about the government people in place in Trollhättan think Paul Akerlund that he had some sympathy for.

– We should at least have the secretary of state Joran Hagglund as direct contact. And he will work with it day and night was their message. It sounds good because the most important thing is that there is someone that we and others in this process can quickly get in contact with to hear the Government’s view, “he says.

Some discussions of policy loans was not evident during the meeting with unions.

– We need to wait until we know who will buy us and what a new owner would like before we can talk about such things.

Paul Akerlund, who also is a social democratic politician, could be new president of the local municipality of Trollhättan next year.

– We’ll see what happens. Otherwise, I’m working on the Saab. It is a company with a prosperous future, “he says.

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