Monday Night Snippets – updated news edition

I deliberately left the Ed Whitacre email post up all day today as it’s probably the most important thing we can all do right now – let them know.
That post (or a fresh version of it) will be back up at the top of the site shortly.
In the meantime, here’s some of the news that came out today.
Spyker’s bid included amendments to all of the eleven sticking points that caused distress last week.
One of those sticking points has been speculated to be the owners of the Convers Group, and Swedish news agency SvD are reporting that the new bid includes a new ownership structure that doesn’t include the Convers Group. I’ve heard whispers and squeaks about the same thing and it rings true to me.
There’s nothing about this in the press release, but this is to be expected given that Convers have other business with Spyker and writing about it means having to answer embarassing questions as to why.
The bottom line: Spyker’s bid to acquire Saab – given that it includes an altered ownership structure and foregoing the EIB loan – shows a great deal of commitment to the brand and a determination that we never knew about before.
It’s noted from CJ’s appearance in comments, too, that Merbanco are back in the bidding for Saab and have joined up with the Swedish consortium that I wrote about a few weeks ago.
Again, the commitment to the cause is inspirational.
The Swedish group do not wish to be identified unless they are successful in the bidding. I have a name for the consortium but not of individual members, so can’t comment one way or the other on them. They are said to be solid corporate figures, however, with automotive experience.
In case you haven’t seen it yet, I was asked to write an Op-Ed piece on Saab, which has been published in the last 24 hours at
I was pretty happy with it and I hope it gets the word out a little bit more. It was not written from a political or campaign point of view. My brief was to write almost a remembrance of Saab, but of course the situation has changed nearly every day so the piece still has a current tone to it.
I hope you enjoy.
I also took a call from the BBC today and did a brief interview for World Today on BBC World.
I believe the clip should be part of the 21 December program, which you can access here.
Family holidays, Saab crisis style.
A game of Risk with laptop on the side.
It’s D-Day for the Spyker group, people. The time is now.

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