Notes to the Saab sale players

To Spyker, Merbanco and the mysterious Swedes
Hello bidders.
It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? A rollercoaster. More for some than for others, but the pressure of the last few weeks has been very telling on all of you, I’m sure.
I just wanted to tell you that your commitment to Saab and your willingness to continue this process is inspirational to all of us Saab fans. You’re blessed by being able to do the things that the rest of would like to do – save this very special company.
Of course, saving the company doesn’t just mean acquiring it. You have to rebuild it as well. Whilst we all wait for the climax to this current drama, we know that there are new dramas just around the corner.
For now, though, you guys are heroes in the truest sense of the word. As we’ve done all year, we will continue to wait and hope that one of you can beat GM into submission come up with the right deal – for Saab, for GM and for you.
To Ed Whitacre, Chairman and CEO of General Motors
You strike me as a grass roots kind of guy, so I’ll just begin this with a “Hi, Ed”
You’ve seen all of our emails, or at least your PA has told you about them. You’ve probably seen all the press as well. What does all this mean?
It means GM are under the spotlight, Ed. There is a great fondness for Saab around the world and the first threat of closure brought forth a round of premature obituaries that were linked by one common thread – GM let Saab down.
One of our commenters here keeps reminding us that you’re a Texan, so in my mind that leads me to believe you’re a man who understands the need for natural justice. Natural justice for Saab means that GM sells them on and allows them to live or die according to their own ability.
Oh, and about those emails….. can you just bundle them up in a folder, do a ‘select all’ and forward them to Nick Reilly at GM Europe?
Thanks Ed.
To Fredrik Reinfeldt, Maud Olofsson, Joran Hagglund
I don’t know what you can do now, but I’ll bet there’s something.
Here’s an incentive – there could be votes in it for you.
There isn’t much more to say, really. I just hope that if someone asks you a question about Saab, you talk about them in positive tones. The company is at risk and their future, even under new ownership, will be a difficult one.
Saab has some exceptional people working for it. They deserve your support, and that means more than triage after they’ve been thrown under the bus.
To all of those exceptional people working for Saab in Trollhattan and elsewhere
We don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We can’t understand. But as much as we can, we empathise with you. We want to see your company survive because we love the cars that the company makes. By extension, that means we love the work that you do.
I don’t want to see any of you re-trained or re-employed. I want to see all of you doing what you’re trained to do – build some of the greatest cars I know.
More than that, I want to see you backed by a caring owner, spreading your wings, taking that knowledge that’s been locked up by your current owner and applying it to designing and building even better Saabs in the future.
This Christmas will probably be a very emotional one. I hope it’s a great one for you.
To everyone
The only thing that matters here is that these people get to build these cars so that we, the people, can continue to enjoy them.

Godspeed and good sense to all of you.
The time is now.

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