Ny Teknik: Old Saab 9-5 is now SOLD Saab 9-5 as BAIC buys tooling

Last week I reported on some Djup Strupe insider info about people from BAIC hanging around in Trollhattan despite the Koenigsegg deal they were part of falling over.

What’s interesting…….is that since the Koenigsegg Group pulled out of the Saab deal, the people from BAIC have still been seen by Djup Strupe, working intensely in Sweden with regards to these models (the outgoing Saab 9-5 and pre-2006 Saab 9-3).

It’s considered likely from Djup Strupe’s observations and perspective that BAIC are still working directly with Saab on this transfer, which theoretically could give Saab a funding boost to help with extending the time they’ll have available before needing to transfer to a new ownership group.

Last night in Sweden, Ny Teknik posted a piece stating that the deal has now been done.

Drums, guitar and Googletrans on the 1:


Saab business with the Chinese finished

Beijing Automotive Industry, BAIC, has already bought the production tools to the old 9-5-model, according to sources at New Technology (Ny Teknik). “I can not comment on it,” says Ms Gustav, spokesperson for Saab Automobile.

….It has been speculated in the media that Baic just want Saab’s technology. Ny Teknik said at the end of October that Saab started to disassemble the tooling used to produce the old 9-5 model. The plan was then to ship the production tools to China, since the idea was that the new Saab 9-5 to start production in Trollhättan after year-end.

…….BAIC was previously included in the investor group led by the Swedish Koenigsegg. So burst the approach of noises. But then BAIC has said it is willing to make a deal on their own.

A dozen Chinese technicians have previously been through the production equipment for both 9-5 as 9.3, according Ny Teknik’s sources.

“I can not comment on it,” says Ms Gustav, spokesperson for Saab Automobile.


It would seem a rather big step to go out and sell the stuff under their own steam. I’d have thought they still need corporate approval to do that sort of deal.

Also, the sale of the outgoing 9-5 was part of the business plan. Does a premature sale alter the applications before EIB if the sale proceeds are used to prop up the company while a new owner is sought?

I guess we wait for some confirmation from Saab on this.

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