One guy’s view on Spyker

You asked for it, Turbin!

My family and I curently run a dealership group in the United States. We have a number of dealerships. Amongst these are 3 Saab stores. All 3 Saab stores are in the top 10 for retail sales. It just so happens we have a Spyker franchise as well. I have met Victor Muller many times over the course of our business dealings. He is one of the most honorable men I have met in this industry. He is also one of the most passionate men I have met in this industry. The Spyker team we have dealt with are some of the hardest working people I know. I am proud to say I know Victor and I am proud to be a Spyker dealer. We are also proud to say we are Saab dealers. Websites like this one show the true fight and passion people have for the Saab brand. This passion that Victor displays as well as this website displays is what Saab needs to get through these tough times. I look forward to next year delivering my first 9-5. I am sure it will be one of many to come. Happy Holidays.

That was left in comments by Rob Elder, from Elder Auto Group, who has two Saab dealerships in Michigan and one in Florida. His Spyker dealership is also located in Florida.
Thanks for the encouaging words, Rob!

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