Parts now available at State of Nine

As this particular year comes to a close, it’s a welcome relief to report a little good news every now and again.
As the headline implies, one of the stalwart Saab accessories providers, State of Nine, brings their well-known service excellence to a new venture: Saab parts.
So, if you need a thermostat for a C900 like I do, or if you need a couple of tie rod ends for a 1999 Saab 9-5 (newly installed on mine and I’m loving the improvement over the tired ones), head on over to State of Nine and check it out.
I’ve included the details by posting the announcement form letter from Dan DeVlieger, president of State of Nine, after the jump.

Dear Saab Enthusiast:
Recently you may have read about exciting news coming and I am proud to report that Today Is The Day! We have launched a lot great features in 2009, but this one is the one that I consider the best. Why? Because our customers asked for it!
In the fall of 2008, just before the world financial systems started “rebalancing”, we surveyed our customers and asked what types of things we could add to State of Nine for their Saab. Since my days at Scott Saab (Philadelphia) in 1991, I have searched for accessories for my Saab and ultimately it is why I launched State of Nine. The responses to our survey overwhelmingly asked us to provide you with something not originally on my radar – namely Saab Parts.
The message came through loud and clear. You wanted more options, original equipment, aftermarket equipment and performance equipment. During the interesting times of the last year plus, State of Nine has continually re-invested in our business to bring you these services. We have added new products, developed logistical alliances, and our programmers have developed software features that I’m sure you won’t find anywhere on the Internet – especially for Saab.
After all the build-up, I hope you will enjoy our new Saab Parts Catalog Service. Here are some features that I think you will like best:

  • Original Saab Parts and Aftermarket Saab Parts – resulting in more options for price and performance
  • VIN# Search (My Favorite) – Enter your Vehicle ID Number and see all the parts available for your Saab
  • Part # Search – Have a part in your hand? Enter then number and our system will try to find it as well as any aftermarket versions of the part available
  • Model Trim-level Drill-down – Have a 2003 9-3 Convertible? Don’t worry, you can select between a Convertible and a Sedan so that you get the correct parts
  • Delivery in about 1-2 Business Days via UPS Ground (Continental US)*
  • Real-time Product Availability
  • International Shipping

State of Nine was developed to help invoke that inexplicable State of Mind you experience driving your Saab. When you just wish your destination was another hundred miles away… We can’t always explain the feeling, but most of us have experienced it while driving in the safety of our Saab. I like to think of our new Saab Parts offering as a way to help solidify our “SaabDNA”.
There is a lot of news about Saab lately and our thoughts go out to those that are working through it all at Saab Dealerships and Saab Facilities around the world. I hope for the best, but I can assure you that State of Nine will continue to listen and serve you as an Independent Source for Saab Accessories & Parts in the future. Thank you all for your support and suggestions!
Enjoy your Saab!
Dan DeVlieger
State of Nine Ltd.

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