Rescue-Saab mosaic now available

Signatories to the site probably received an email recently, letting them know that the Rescue Saab photo mosaic is now available online.
This mosaic combines photos sent in by subscribers to form an image of a new Saab 9-5. It’s a credit to the Rescue-Saab people and the subscribers that they managed to get so many photos submitted and organised in such a short time.
Here’s a small version. Click here to go to the big one.
I’ve had a quick look around and have already recognised a few faces and vehicles. Images recognised so far:

  • Margaretha H from Saab
  • Pink Saab 9000 stretch limo
  • Unofficial ambassor to the UK, Robin M
  • My mate Joe and his late wife, Claire, from Malta
  • Photographer extraordinaire, Olaf B
  • Someone giving a 9-5 a hug (not sure if it’s me)
  • Djup Strupe 🙂
  • Our Russian mates with cars in jet formation

….but I’m still yet to find the photo I sent in myself. Will keep searching. It’s like Where’s Wally, but Saab style.
For those who didn’t get the email, here is the text that accompanies the mosaic.
SAAB – a value which deserves our support
There is a school of thought that says every industry must be globalised and homogenised. They say that individuality, character, superior design and engineering should only be available to those wealthy enough to afford it.
Earlier this year, thousands of SAAB owners from around the world joined together to disagree. This gathering saw the birth of is a grassroots movement initiated by people who love SAABs. The vast majority of us are customers, SAAB owners who would rarely think of driving anything else. But we are also SAAB dealers and company employees, people for whom SAAB is not just our livelihood, but an employer we believe in and are proud to work for. Some of us own current SAABs. Some of us own a collection of SAABs. All of us have enduring memories of a car that took us places no other car could go – a journey into our driving hearts. ask someone with better english than me, I don’t think a heart can drive a car
SAAB did build brand loyalty like no other for a long, long time, since they were building cars like no other.
The resources of Rescue-Saab are not enough to save SAAB, but this group does have a voice. should this be “a say”? We are many in number, still we represent many more. We are people who are aware that the car industry is tough and there are more cars built right now than are bought, but we also recognise that the quality in design, construction and character that SAAB can offer will always find a buyer. We know that SAAB are more than just an icon from another age. SAAB have a proud history of competition, innovation, safety and engineering. But SAAB also has a future.
SAAB have three brand new, exciting, efficient, safe and dynamic cars that are about to be produced along with their new-for-2009 release, the SAAB 9-3x. They also have a core of dedicated dealers and customers around the world who are just itching to get their hands on these vehicles.

  • SAAB 9-5 – a brand new flagship saloon that has already received high praise as a new SAAB icon at auto shows around the world, as well as in showcase events involving 6,000 customers and dealers throughout Europe.
  • SAAB 9-5 Estate – SAAB are famous for the practicality and safety of their vehicles and this new family Estate will be no exception.
  • SAAB 9-4x – The first SUV fully developed by SAAB, combining car-like dynamics with SUV practicality and SAAB safety and design.
  • SAAB have an upgraded production facility that is one of the most efficient in Europe, having recently won a LEAN award in Sweden. SAAB design is now concentrated in Sweden and SAAB will continue to achieve industry leading safety ratings thanks to the state-of-the-art crash testing and safety facilities that were upgraded in the last 18 months. To compliment all of this expertise SAAB has a management group that whilst small, has just navigated the company through the biggest corporate reconstruction in Sweden’s history.

New vehicles. Passionate fans. Lean production. Expert management.
All they need now, is the chance.
Rescue SAAB.
Merry Christmas!
The Rescue-Saab team
Michael Hesse

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