Saab 9-3x (cheekily) voted people’s car of the year in Norway

From the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet:
Saab may have an uncertain future, but the readers of Dagbladet have cast their vote and decided that the Saab 9-3x is the Norwegian peoples car of the year 2009. But we both know that the Norwegian people has gotten som help from international Saab enthusiasts 😉
The Saab 9-3x ended up with 10618 votes. Twice as many as the runner up, Mercedes E-class. Third place went to Audi A5 Sportback. Now it will be up to a panel of car expert to pick the winner. For some reason the people can’t be trusted and need help…
Saab 9-3x Norway
Saab Norway’s spokes-people lapped up the attention:

“We have over 40 000 Saab owners in Norway, many of them have obviously wanted to give us their support. I am really (assume somethings missing here), says Svanes and marketing director Asle Røil.

It’s good to see the Saab 9-3x in the limelight there and I’m pleased that the Dagbladet people have taken the support for the 9-3x with good humour.
With thanks to Thilo and Arild, who has a hi-res version of that photo if you’d like one.

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