Saab 9-5 out and about in Trollhattan

Paul Akerlund from the IF Metall union says there’s no big news expected today and he’s always been a good barometer, so with that, how about something normal to put smiles on people’s faces?

Something like the Saab 9-5 jetting about in Stockholm.

Auto Motor and Sport picked up these photos and whilst many Swedes would have seen them already (they’ve been around for about 24 hours) some may have not. If you haven’t you can click that link and see a few more.


This car could well be Jan-Ake Jonsson’s own personal whip. It seems senior management are driving some of the first pre-production cars at the moment (see Mats Fägerhag, head of Tech Development on video here) and JAJ does have a place in Stockholm, which I’m sure would have been his Christmas destination.

I hope he had a great Christmas.


According to the registration data, the car seems to be the 2.0T model, 220hp and fitted with XWD. That’s the same configuration I drove back in September so I’m sure that JAJ is one happy motorist right now as the car was sensational.

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