Saab GB: Purchases with GM Card end December 31

GM Card customers in the UK have up until the end of this year to benefit from their card in the purchase of a Saab vehicle. Cardholders have been eligible for a discount of up to £2500 but on December 31, all benefits for a Saab purchase will cease.
The GM Card is a credit card offered to customers in the UK. There are similar cards in other parts of the world and I’d advise people to check local conditions to see if similar deadlines apply.
GM Card have set up some FAQs for cardholders, the details of which are reproduced below.
Q: When will GM Cardholders be made aware of the removal of Saab from the Programme?
A: A letter explaining the withdrawal was sent on the 6th November to Cardholders who have a useable card and have a points balance.

Q: Are there some Cardholders to whom the letter is not being sent?
A: Some Cardholders have been excluded from the mailing as they would not be able to take advantage of redemption on a new Saab before the 31st December 2009. These Cardholders are typically those who do not currently have a points balance.

Q: What is the final date that Cardholders can use their GM Card points on a Saab purchase?
A: Cardholders must order or register their new Saab by 31st December 2009 at a Saab Dealership. Saab Dealers have been instructed not to accept GM Card points redemptions after this date.

Q: What is the last date that the Dealers can receive an authorisation code?
A: Dealers must contact the GM Card Redemption Centre by the 31st January 2010 to receive an authorisation code.

Q: What is the maximum redemption value that Cardholders can obtain on a Saab purchase?
A: The maximum redemption value is £2500 on any new Saab.

Q: Are any Saab models excluded?
A: No, all models are eligible; including the Saab 9-3 Convertible and 9-3X.

Q: Will Cardholders still be able to use their GM Card points on a Vauxhall purchase?
A: Yes, Cardholders are able to redeem up to £1500 off a new Vauxhall according to the model line maximum. But that would be rather silly now, wouldn’t it?
OK, I may have added a little on to that last one…….
As mentioned, if you’re a GM carholder somewhere other than in the UK, please check your local agencies for details and deadlines as there’s every chance that the same situation will apply to you.
My thanks to JB for the heads up!

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