Saab get funds to build 100 electric cars

This is one of the stories that I covered very briefly, but missed the details of in the last 24 hours or so. There’s definitely not enough hours in the day to cover all this stuff effectively and give you time to read it before moving on to the next thing.
The story, from NyTeknik:

Today, it was clear that the electric car project ZE Saab 9-3 in Trollhattan receive 86.7 million crowns in aid of the Swedish state…..ZE stands for Zero Emissions. After having converted a total of three Saab 9-3 for electric cars is now the rate increase. More than 100 cars, “said Energy Agency.
If everything goes the way it can lead to the Boston Power starts a new battery factory in Sweden.
Such a development has already been discussed, confirming Anders Lewald, electric car expert at Energy Agency.

The project is a continuation of previous work that led to the True Electric vehicle we all saw a few months ago, made by a company called Electro Engine but in partnership with a number of companies, including Saab.
Of course, Saab have got to hang around long enough to build these 100 cars, unless they’re planning to get them all done by New Year’s Eve.
This is a great project for Saab to be so involved in, but we need a decision, darnit!

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