Saab key to seasonal present delivery……

Even Santa drives a Saab!
C’mon GM, you can’t strip Santa Claus of his ride. Won’t someone think of the children!!!!
No other sled handles winter conditions quite like a Saab and Santa needs the superb seats in order to ensure that his very arduous trip is made in comfort.
Saab Sled-X.jpg

On a more serious note, I really hope GM executives are working on this deal over the Christmas period. Sure, have dinner and hand out the presents, but a 3 or 4 day break when the deadline is only 8 days away is just not on.
Remember that stunt when Rick Wagoner flew in a corporate jet to Washington to beg for money? Sure, it made sense from a business and time-management perspective, but the only thing people remember is one of the senators saying “What, you couldn’t downgrade to First Class?” It was another PR nightmare.
Work on it, GM. The spotlight is on. Sell Saab.
This image was provided to me by Tim W, who did get the creator’s permission to pass it on for use here. Unfortunately I don’t have the creator’s name, so I’ll just have to say a big, hearty Thankyou and wish you a great holiday season.

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