Saab small market sales data – November 2009

A new month, another new round of pain sales data to peruse. We’ve seen the Swedish figures and the US figures. Here are some of the smaller markets for November.
There were just 25 sales in Canada, which was down from 87 vehicles sold in the same month last year.
That’s well over the normal worldwide 60%, but Canada dealerships are being caned even more than most due to the closure of Saturn and the lack of new Saabs able to be ordered or delivered. They’re just running on existing floorstock (like most places, I guess.
Thanks to Zippy for the numbers!
Sales in Germany are down by 66%, to just 56 vehicles last month.
Want some potential growth if/when things get going again? There’s your location. It wasn’t so long ago that Germany was Saab’s fourth largest market.
Thanks to Till!
Saab sold just 33 vehicles in the Netherlands in November.
For those new to sales numbers, the Netherlands is another market, like Germany, that will provide Saab with a lot of growth if/when things get back on track. The Netherlands is a traditional Saab market (it has the oldest Saab Club in the world) and the fact that our mate Ruud has signed up to open 2 new dealerships this year should give you an idea of the faith he has in the possibility of a rebound there.
I believe a new dealership is on it’s way in Amsterdam, too.
Thanks to Albert!
Please feel free to leave your country’s numbers in comments or to send them to me via email.

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