Saab Support Convoy – join in.

I posted last night about the Saab Support Convoys being run in Holland and Sweden on January 17th next year.
It has been proposed that a number of these convoys be organised in various locations for same date. A kind of Saabs-across-the-world type thing.
New York
In comments to that post, Crandola kindly offered to organise a run around the Buffalo, NY area. If you’d like to join in that run, you can contact her on
Sumitkn offered to organise something in Saab’s heartland. Leave your expression of interest in comments and I can get people together.
Drive to Detroit
Ryan at Saabhistory is suggesting a drive to Detroit with a gathering at the RenCen, route and date to be determined. Head on over there if you’re able to participate or contact Jim Laman of the Great Lakes Saab Club ( for local knowledge.
Some possible pointers for this…..
We may or may not have a decision on the sale of Saab by January 17th. If there is a decision, then this will (hopefully) be a celebration. If there isn’t a decision, then this can be a rallying point.
Either way, your local press people may be interesting in the story and the gathering, so it’d be good to invite as many of them along.
In order for them to have something to write about, there should be as many cars and people there as possible.
Contact your local Saab dealer for support. They’ve got plenty riding on this and should be happy to provide some coffee and donuts, as well as the all-important flags and banners.
Let your local representatives know as well. jobs in their area could be at risk and GM is Govt owned at the moment (albeit in a hands-off kind of way).
I’m happy to act in whatever way I can as an information exchange for something like this, but it’s up to locals on the ground to get it done. Just let me know what’s going on.

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