Saab testing new four-wheel drive system

Spotted by Patrik and noted in comments…..
I’m quite sure this is the sort of technology development that is making Saab so attractive to potential investors out there.
The Googletrans from NyTeknik:
The secret project-to high-priority at Saab’s development department, experience new technologies. The system is primarily intended for the use of hybrid cars. Today is a prototype based on an electrically powered rear axle.
But according to sources within Saab, the new four-wheel easily adapted to different types of cars. It can be built in both small and large cars, in cars with traditional internal combustion engine, a hybrid or [laddhybrid].
It would then provide a key competitive advantage, because the car industry currently has to construct an increasing number of drive systems for a variety of car models and fuel.
The information about the technology is scant. Both hardware and software system developed by Saab’s own engineers.
Saab hope that the new technology could become as big a success as when Saab introduced turbocharging in the 1970s. But the future of the project is now uncertain.
See, it’s stuff like this that just HAS to be developed!!
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