Saab USA sales data – November 2009

I did mention these numbers briefly in a snippets entry the other day (while we were waiting for the GM announcement) but according to custom, they should get their own post.
It seems GM have changed their sales data reporting and are no longer breaking Saab sales up into different models. They do still break vehicles down between cars and light trucks, however, so at least we know what was Euro-built and the 9-7x figures.
Cars (9-3 and 9-5)
Saab sold a total of 293 cars in the US in November, which was a fall of 59% from the 717 sold in the same months last year.
Saab 9-7x
Saab sold a total of 78 units of the 9-7x in November, down by 42% from the 135 sold in the same month last year.
Total sales were 371 vehicles for the month, down by 56% on the 852 sold in November 2008.
So far for the year, Saab has sold 7,812 vehicles for the month, which is down by 61% on the 20,189 vehicles sold in 11 months last year.
I have a normal policy here at Saabs United of not asking people to pledge money to this or go out to buy a car. If you want to do those sorts of things then it should be at your own pace and because that’s what you want to do.
In contrast to that normal policy, Troubled In Texas raises an issue in comments that I don’t mind passing on here at this point in time. There could be less than 30 days left for Saab if things don’t go right, hence there’s some urgency about the situation (understatement of the year).
Troubled’s comment:

Want to send Edward E. Whitacre, Jr. a message?
Buy a Saab in December! For the US, if Saab sales for December 2009 exceed last year, it will be noticed!

Timely words.
There were 804 sales in December 2008.
If you’re in the market, there’s certainly some deals to be had. Warranty is mandated by law, though servicing might involve a bit of a drive if things go south.
Anyway, when to buy is always a big choice and an individual decision, but there’s rarely been a more poignant moment.

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