Saturday morning snippets – feeling crap edition

This is all so unreal!
It’s been a madhouse inside my inbox this morning. Please don’t be offended if I can’t answer private emails today. Not only was our favourite car company scheduled for execution just 9 hours ago, but on top of all the madness that ensues during such an event, I’m also due to leave on a family holiday this morning.
Pleasant holidays, huh?
Thankfully, due to the contributions you all made here, I have one of these (see photo) so I’ll still be connected while we’re away:
No, not the dog, but the little blue USB thingy. Look closely, it even says TURBO on it!!!
There should be enough pre-paid bandwidth there to keep the site going over the next few days.
There’s plenty to write about this whole situation, but that’s a long drive away from being done.
The one thing I will say is that THE FAT LADY HASN’T SUNG ON THIS COMPANY.
She’s in the warm-up room, but she’s not on stage just yet.
There ARE buyers for Saab out there. It’s just whether these people and GM can come together and whether the Swedish government (otherwise known as “It’s not our fault, Inc”) can continue the assistance they’ve given in the last month.
There’s not much I can write just at the moment due to time constraints, but thanks for hanging around, thanks for all your input.
I want to join with a lot of you in extending my heartfelt sympathy to the people at Saab Automobile and the people of Trollhattan in general. These people have worked so hard on this all year now and it’s just not right that it goes this way.
I don’t think the ending has been written just yet. Saab’s to good to go away.

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