Saturday morning snippets – Seeya in January edition

Friday saw the last shift at the Saab factory for this year, with a 4-week vacation taking place of the normal 2-week break at Christmas.
It’ll be a nervous Christmas for all these workers, though, as a decision will be made during their break about Saab’s future.
All you Saab workers – we’re anxiously waiting, too. It can’t feel as nerve-wracking for us as it does for you, but know that we’re with you.
Work at the factory is scheduled to re-start on January 11.
Top Gear drive and review the Saab 9-3x:
I said a few months ago that the modifications made to the SportCombi to bring about the 9-3x work really well, that they make the car make sense even more than usual. These guys seem to agree.

This is the best Saab on sale. I know, I know: right now, in the months before the new 9-5 big car and 9-4 crossover become available, being the best of Saabs is like being the healthiest patient in intensive care.
But it’s better than that. If you’re in the market for one of those slightly jacked-up, slightly toughened-up four-wheel-drive estates, this is very possibly the one to go for……
It’s one of those cars that feels at home with itself. All the dynamic attributes rub along nicely with each other.

And of course, it gives me an opportunity to post one of my favourite Saab 9-3x photos 🙂
Saab 9-3x
There’s more bad JD Power news for Saab this morning, with the brand doing particularly poorly in the 2009 Customer Retention Study.
Saab came dead last in the survey. The typical industry retention rate is 48% and Mercedes Benz scored the highest for customer retention, at 67%. Saab scored 9%.
That said, the reasons why are pretty easily explained. A company in turmoil, ownership uncertain, 60%-plus drop in sales, no leasing, bottomed out trade values. All of this is caused by uncertainty.
It’s not good, but it’s nothing that a couple of good years can’t turn around if Saab get the chance.
Now that the northern winter is well and truly in effect, GM Europe are trumpeting their fantastic all wheel drive system in the Open Insignia.
Developed for adaptation to front-wheel drive platforms by Saab.

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