Spyker visits Trollhattan to have a look at Saab

UPDATE – Spyker’s Victor Muller on Video, below.


As mentioned here over the weekend, representatives from Spyker were set to visit Trollhattan this week and it looks like that’s happened in the last 36 hours.

TTELA are carrying the story:

SpykerSaab.jpg Here is picture proof that Dutch Spyker Cars is one of the interested parties still into buying Saab. Yesterday, the company visited Trollhättan to take a closer look at Saab.

There’s been frequent speculations recently about which interested parties are still in negotiations to buy Saab, and which have fallen away.

Koenigsegg Group’s defection opened things up for new entrants. One is the Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker Cars, which in early December came in as a new hot candidate to take over Saab.

As TTELA said last week, Spyker has confirmed on its website that with its major shareholder Convers Group backing them up, they’re negotiating with GM to buy Saab.

And Spyker Cars is demonstrably still in discussions. Because last Tuesday, while the Minister for Enterprise and Energy Maud Olofsson (C) and Minister for Employment, Sven Otto Littorin (M) held a press conference in Trollhättan City Hall, representatives from Spyker Cars where seen arriving at the Saab Car Museum together with representatives from Saab’s management.

One of them was Hans Go, Controller and boardmember of Spyker, who stepped out of a car driven by Jörgen Nylén. Presumably, Spyker Cars got the same review of Saab as a dozen other interested parties, including the Koenigsegg Group, received last spring.

Sneaky guys, getting Maud Olofsson to run interference for them 🙂

I bet that when Peter Backstrom dismantled the “showroom of the future” that was shown to prospective buyers at the Museum earlier this year, he wouldn’t have thought he’d he’d have to get it all ready again.

I hope we call learn more about Spyker’s bid and their intentions for Saab, and soon.

Thanks to various parties for the tip, and Jakob for this translation.


This one’s popped up my news feeds this morning. It’s a video from the LA Auto Show by the Auto Channel, in which they interview Spyker’s CEO Victor Muller, including some questions about their interest in Saab.

Content from interviews with Muller was covered last week, but it’s good to hear these words from the man himself.

We’ve come across a number of very impressive individuals during this process. Add Victor Muller to that list. He seems very aware of all the conditions surrounding this deal.

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