SU Site Stats November 2009

With so much activity happening on December 1 (GM Board meeting) it shouldn’t be a surprise that some of our normal end-of-month activities were overlooked.
So it’s time now for the site stats for November 2009, and it’s no surprise that traffic has been up since the Koenigsegg announcement on the 24th November. In fact, here’s the comments graph for the last 30 days……click to enlarge.
I’m pretty sure that 609 comments is a record for one 24 hour period 🙂
That big day was in December, though, so we should wind back a little and take a look at the numbers for November. Saab people – there’s value in this blogging platform!
There were just short of 370,000 pages served at Saabs United during November 2009. The largest day, by far, was the day the Koenigsegg Group announced their withdrawal from the agreement to purchase Saab Automobile.
Those pages were viewed by 54,295 individual users, who left 3,133 comments during the month.
The top 10 cities around the world were as follows:
But unfortunately, there was only one visit from Zeewolde last month. Zeewolde is the home of Spyker cars.
There’s been a handful more since. I wonder if we’ll be getting to know one another a lot more closely in the future?
It’s interesting to note that Beijing wasn’t the highest source for Chinese visitation during the month. That was actually a city called Hangzhou, not far from Shanghai.
And finally, the browser distribution for the month…..
This site is prepared using Firefox and IMHO looks better on either Firefox or Chrome (which is now available on Mac)

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