Sunday Morning Snippets – strange but true edition

Swedish Newspaper Dagens Nhyeter have a poll on, about whether or not Saab should survive.
Currently, the result is pretty tight.
Click here and scroll down until you see the poll to have your say.
The question is “Is it important that the Saab brand survives?” I believe your answer should probably be “Ja”
Strange but true #1….
UPDATE – D’oh! Date formats. Shouldn’t try and write with a fuzzy brain…..

Spotted by Trouble In Texas, this offer is enough to raise the eyebrows.
GM gave Saab until December 31 to find a new buyer, but on the SaabUSA website right now they’re offering 0% financing on 2009 vehicles for 72 months and the offer is valid until 1st April 4th January 2010, some three months after their Saab dealers may be terminated.
Or are they planning on hanging around a bit longer? Or reducing stock so they reduce hassles? Interesting.
Strange but true #2….
One of the criteria for Saab dealership cuts has been let out by a dealer in MA when he gave a quote to the local newspaper.

Ray Ciccolo said he asked General Motors to look at its decision to shut down his one-year-old Saab dealership in Norwood. He called the dealership’s appearance on the cut list “a mistake.”
“The criteria was that you had to have sold 50 Saabs in a calendar year. But I had just bought the dealership, and I sold 40 cars in the last three months of the year,” said Ciccolo, owner of seven dealerships in Greater Boston. “We’ve already notified them that the criteria they used was faulty.”

Darn right it was faulty. Saab may need to work with a smaller dealer network for logistical reasons in the future, but there’s got to be a bit more strategy and service value coming into the equation.
Ruling a line at ’50’ on the sales sheet overlooks a lot of factors.
Ed Whitacre in an internal press conference at GM:

When one employee asked Whitacre if he would consider reviving the Pontiac or Saab brands, Whitacre shrugged.
“I’d say the probability is low. But I don’t know. I’m new to this business,” he said.

The Spyker C8 Aileron at the LA Auto Show.
Full gallery at Autoblog.

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