Sunday morning Snippets

We’re over 2,100 comments now at and have more than 760 members in the Facebook group.
Please keep spreading the word!
I don’t want to make a big deal of things at this point, hence inclusion in the snippets entry, but…..
I’ve heard from someone very well placed overnight, telling me that there is actually a third bidder in the process for Saab. I know very little about this person/group except for a location – Miami.
Am doing some detective work.
Somebody in Oz, please buy this car and turn it into a Viggen or something. Great car, low KMs and a very nice price.
And no, I don’t know the seller.
I know we covered this article a few months ago when it was released, but I got a timely reminder about it in my inbox this morning.
This is the best article about Saab written this year, by anybody anywhere.
This is Jason P on his wedding day back in September. I’m reliably informed that his beautiful bride also managed to sneak into the photos later on 🙂
Congratulations, mate! And a great shot.
Again, I must apologise if you’ve emailed me in the last week and I haven’t got back to you yet.
Between this site, the various bits of news, the new campaign and the holidays with visitor from overseas, things are somewhat hectic.

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