Sunday night snippets – Clarkson edition

Finally, just as the future of Saab seems incredibly black, Jeremy Clarkson gets to drive another Saab.
It’s a bit of a non-event, actually. Clarkson drives the Saab 9-3x and finds that it calms him down. He actually suggests that the British government buy the company so as to make British roads safer.
I think he found it a bit dull, actually but that’s Mr Powaaaaaah for you. Entertaining.
You can read it all at that link.
Is anyone else over the particularly American penchant for calling this a ‘saab story’, i.e. sob story? It’s an accent thing.
For me, it ranks up there with use of the word ‘quirky’ (it’s a long time bugbear of mine).
Fortunately, the Saab Stories going around at the moment are a nice rallying point in these times of need, and here’s another one from Minnesota.
The Stockholm News has a look at the political side of this whole story, and the threat it represents to the sitting government.

Minister for Enterprise, Maud Olofsson, chose to be present when the closing announcement was published on Friday. She has a difficult uphill battle after having spoken of Saab´s future in negative terms in the beginning of the crisis.

The fat lady hasn’t sung just yet, which means Mrs Olofsson and her crew still have a chance to look half-decent by assisting a new buyer if and when they come.
Those government meetings this weekend are pretty important in that process and I hope she’s had her thinking cap on.
I know I sound like an endless optimist and a broken record sometimes, but hold on to your hats people – this ain’t over and soon, you may be required to play a part.
Saab is damaged, but it’s not dead.
Photo from Flickr.

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