Sunday night snippets – not news edition

A number of news outlets are proving the point that a story isn’t really news until one of the big news outlets reports it.
We’ve covered the story about BAIC buying tooling for the Saab 9-5 and pre-2006 Saab 9-3 several times already, yet it’s been reported by the Wall Street Journal today and all of a sudden, it’s NEWS. It’s being covered by The Local,, news sources in Italy and elsewhere.
Don’t panic. It’s nothing you haven’t heard about already.
TTELA has a story running about how hard people are working on this deal, including people at GM.
It’s an encouraging story because in the back of my mind, I can’t help but think GM are just playing games and preparing to wind Saab down. Apparently not.

With an extremely short timetable for a new Saab Owner calls, according to officials at the Ministry of Industry, diligence light strongly in their study. Something that the department is in itself also may have an interest to point out.
– But it’s really about working night and day, literally, “says press spokesman Frank Nilsson.
– Joran Hagglund has also just been in contact with GM, and we believe that they really are working seriously with the issue of a new owner, if anything else would discernible.

They point out that no buyer has been chosen yet as far as they can tell, despite Joran Hagglund’s urging that a buyer be selected by last Friday.
I received another copy of the Rescue Saab photo mosaic this morning. The one I previewed on site last week was a preliminary version only. It’s looking absolutely fantastic. I even saw a few faces and cars that I recognised.
I also put some text together to go with it, which may or may not be used. Either way, we should all hopefully see the image soon.

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